Not custom shop guide In Japan this sleep is also a great place

 In addition to tours, this is a good place to sleep

Love unusual today to Amway’s Bookstore is to stay–BOOK&BED.

BOOK&BED in Japan Tokyo, not only by book collectors praised, it is said that in Japan, if their young not to feel, like Beijing did not go to the great wall to Tiananmen Square.

However, BOOK&BED are different from General tours, tours for many chat, but also through the vast sea of sleep of your sexual encounters. In contrast, BOOK&BED clean, and as its name implies, book more important than sleep, so here, rather than talk, it’s as quiet as a chicken in order to meet the quality.

Popular accommodation on the market and the Bookstore is not the same, BOOK&BED truly “slept with books”.

Accommodation in popular Bookstore on the market, and also maintained a sense of space between the bed and the books.


Wuhanwenzeer a private library

Like this


Nanjing City International Youth library

Paul Frank iPhone plus case

Or this, after all, seemed to be a study.

BOOK&BED-bed hiding in the bookcase, creating a very intimate space, but the space is small, want and neighbours what happened is more difficult. Paul Frank iPhone plus case


Of course, the wine must have. Paul Frank


A book, a glass of wine, just enough to create a perfect rest.