Today to introduce to all of you is the wave of the World Cup mat

Today to introduce to all of you, is the wave of the World Cup mat

You guess why I chose such a wave?

Because this mat and tray, my eyes only see the shuttle the raft in Guilin, playing on the swing in the river ~

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Hyfen ideas from designers.

Corrugated cardboard is a very beautiful material,

Those plump curve and give it water movement … …


Designers must have been made waves and waves of this curve,


He uses clay reproduces the structure, and to make coasters, small plates and chopsticks, iPhone 5 Ted Baker case

Color also has a variety of optional, smoke grey, cappuccino-colored with white sand.


In fact, this wave corrugated shapes, in addition to the beautiful and functional considerations.

Such as coasters, corrugated surface not only fixed the table, also can catch the overflow table of food or liquid,

Not directly along the flow down like a flat mat. Ted Baker iPhone case

Small plates, like a small raft,

Best put on those colorful little food

Waves of structure on the chopstick holder, is perfect to prevent them from scrolling.