Mr MASKEY said to make a roof for your House builders jobs also Rob

Mr MASKEY said to make a roof for your House, builders jobs also Rob?

As expected, Yilong·masike made it clear that SolarCity to do “solar roofs”.

United States Pacific time on August 10, in SolarCity on the earnings call of the season, Mr MASKEY said SolarCity will launch two new products by the end of this year, one is to integrate photovoltaic technology in the development of “roof.” Mr MASKEY said, due to the beauty and security, some owners do not want to set up on the roof of solar equipment, which can solve this problem.

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Mr MASKEY said: “this is a solar roof, not install solar modules on the roof. ”

While CEO of SolarCity lindeng·ruifu (Lyndon Rive), which will open up a whole new market for the company. iWatch Case

Musk’s product plan released earlier last month by the second piece of Tesla blueprint (Master Plan, Part Deux) has revealed that SolarCity will be mentioned in the article to establish a “a smooth integration of solar roof products, beautiful”.

According to the MIT Technology review reports, a Sn ø Hetta company architect Aaron Dorf has said that in the near future, installation cost and battery efficiency will not be much of a problem, “and musk are very clever to point to the beginning of a perhaps more important – beauty. ”

Moreover, the solar panels together with the building itself is a current trend in the industry. For example, a company called Sistine Solar next year is expected to launch a “solar skins” boards, photovoltaic cells are mixed into the tile and the wall, so as to be consistent with the overall style of the roof. X-DORIA iWatch cover

In addition, the durability is solar roofs to be considered a major problem. Malay Mazumdar, Professor at Boston University, traditional building roof life expectancy was 50, but now the solar panels you will need replacement once every 25 years. “If you’re going to the roof and the panels together, you need to ask yourself, 25 years later, do you want to replace the roof again? “Mazumdar said. If Tesla wanted to design stunning and smooth integration of solar roof, then they should be considered to enhance the durability of their products, at least, is easy to replace.

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