AIR 031 Integrity Fund Wang Qiang artificial intelligence areas of investment

CCF-GAIR the end of the first day of the Conference stage, Executive Vice President of Microsoft Research Asia, Managing Director of CCF, IEEE, IAPR and SPIE and other world-class academic member Rui Yong, Dr and valiant Wang Qiang, co-founder of the Fund carried out a related “artificial intelligence business scene” dialog, we all saw the movie of the Chinese partner, the archetype of the Tong Dawei is Wang Qiang. As Wang Qiang of the investor, in his eyes what is artificial intelligence? Let us listen to Rui Yong and Wang Qiang to talk about.

AIR 031 | Integrity Fund Wang Qiang: artificial intelligence areas of investment good precision

Integrity Fund co-founder Wang Qiang

Rui Yong: fried hot artificial intelligence over the past six months, some companies have done quite well, some bubbles are a little big, I want to hear what you think of this. cover iPhone Vans

Wang Qiang: because I am a layman, so I will practice from our investment to show how do I look at this thing.

I think now the industrial revolution to a new beginning, we increasingly to machines on the one hand injecting people with brain; the other is machines increasingly replace human brain.

I think that artificial intelligence has just started, from the investor’s point of view this is its own life and death choices, rather than human choice between life and death in the future. The revolution on the one hand human intelligence into a machine, and let the machine more and more function like traditional brain can’t carry. I think in any stage can use technologies such as materials science grow fairly precise, the progress of algorithms to solve practical is the core thing constitute its real business value.

Natural language for human thought, it’s just a map of the world as a whole, although its information is complex, but it is the analysis of visualization, we take natural language in fact caught the person as a small part of the intelligence. If we use natural language analysis results have given the machine meets all of human wisdom, then it must be very strong sense of dissatisfaction. Artificial intelligence will never lower than the people, given by the higher intelligent human. If one day on an equal footing with me, just in the process of communication between people can be the most accurate answer or replaced I need to output something. Artificial intelligence raised the most effective results in areas where fixed quantitative precision, something capable of accurate human intelligence is hard to reach places, then it’s worthwhile.

Rui Yong: you do angel investing, what you are looking at is to see people are looking at this technology, or the business model, or see what else?

Qiang Wang: in 2011, we are just people, angel investments is the investment community ahead of things, even founders themselves were not clear answer what to do, he’s only a general direction of the target, this big direction closer to the people as possible. I don’t agree with a lot of investment agency says cast a track, like Lu Xun said: no road in the world, many people have. Angel investing is no way, but anyone who dares to go, would vote for this thing.

AIR 031 | Integrity Fund Wang Qiang: artificial intelligence areas of investment good precision

Microsoft Research Asia Executive Vice President, Managing Director of CCF, IEEE, IAPR and SPIE international first-class academic organizations such as members Dr Rui Yong

Rui Yong: now there are several artificial intelligence, a camp that 2046 base coming, artificial intelligence beyond human wisdom, people no longer exist; another is this road very far behind, I’d like to hear what do you think?

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Wang Qiang: artificial intelligence is one of the great dreams, we are talking about is just the most complex cutting a glass. Now, memory, monitor all these things is the first level, it mimics the people look at the world of all the organs part is one way to communicate with the world, language is the most simple, what we call natural language, but if behind section, humans and other animals, biological or the difference is that the emotional level of the machine is different, people have a subconscious. Machines have the emotion is not in sight. If one day the real artificial intelligence, conquered humans, humans must transcend his species, otherwise it will be replaced, so people will become more and more clever, more and more hard work, or it will be eliminated. Vans iPhone case

Rui Yong: our basic point is that strong AI, I think the day is far from weak artificial intelligence is to do one thing well, it can be reached. You can imagine the next 5 years, what are the 10 industries may be replaced by artificial intelligence?

Wang Qiang: logically very clearly any node to find its logic is clear and accurate image analysis to answer through the area, will in the future be replaced by artificial intelligence. Why don’t we take the strongest reservations, artificial intelligence replace the weakest parts of our brains, and constantly improve our standard of intelligence. Future, such as education, medicine, these targets are very accurate, if the data is accurate, I think these scenes in the distant future is the most business value and investment value.

Rui Yong: go back to the topic, we said today that several paths of commercialization of artificial intelligence, what path do you think is more successful?

Wang Qiang: one is to solve the problem at the platform level, because dealing with a large number of language, pictures, platform-level cooperation required to carry this thing once it is in place you don’t need other people to do, may now study to all big companies.

From an investment point of view on the one hand easy to judge is the chosen field is very narrow, goal is very clear, for example, imaging, neurosurgery. A direction of precision of our investments in the field.