Tencent and police cooperation Kirin is no longer a sacred animal but anti pseudo

VR heard backpack, heard of the Pack pseudo-base station? 

Fraud SMS variety, people are disgusting. Pseudo-base station is one of the core source, can be said to be an Oscar for best actor. The latest upgraded version of “backpack” to facilitate fraud gangs roaming the streets, sending fraud messages.

Pseudo or false base station the base station through search and seize its Center, within a certain radius of the card information masquerading as operators of mobile phone base stations. 

Is Tencent Tencent’s anti-fraud laboratories set up for user research lab of Telecom fraud. Laboratory technical director Li Xuyang said in Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network”, public interest), said in an interview, laboratories and not much profit everyone with “a world without thieves” faith at work.

Yesterday, together with the Ministry of public security jointly issued by Tencent, against network crime prevention and control and the governance Centre ceremony Unicorn against “fake” Press Conference. Kirin anti-pseudo-base station system is fraud lab introduced a pseudo base stations for precise positioning, Telecom fraud combating activities designed to assist the public security departments of the system.

DVF iPhone case


Tencent and police cooperation, Kirin is no longer a sacred animal, but anti-pseudo-base station artifacts

According to the Criminal Investigation Bureau Director Yang Dong, Beijing introduced compared with traditional crimes, Telecom fraud is not a crime scene, arrest actions, it is hard to find evidence capture.  

“Unicorn” system can accurately locate the pseudo-base station facilities to combat, in addition to having Tencent LBS precision positioning technology support, Tencent’s mobile phone was also used black Butler huge user group tag database. Combined with Tencent’s years of black combat experience, through machine learning, can cloud the machine learning pattern recognition Web site, phone and other information to identify malicious Web sites and fraudulent telephone, realization of publishing fraudulent information pseudo-precise positioning of base stations within 50 metres. ”

It is understood that Tencent security cloud base, covers website, harassing calls of fraud, fraud risk messages, Trojan horse files, APK, black almost all network security such as bank card data.

Live demo, Unicorn system’s interface is very simple, pseudo-base station by using map and location very clearly shows the latitude, we can see the spread of pseudo-base stations clustered areas as well as real-time trajectory. As police prepared to arrest when Unicorn system can keep fraudsters send coordinates to nearby police officers, police officers can follow up the little red dots on the map accurately captured. DVF iPhone case

In an interview after the meeting, Li Xuyang confidently say, users of Tencent phone Butler first in the country, it’s not blowing our own, there is a third-party data. The kylin system and effective role, “Nosy”, and has friends who work in public security organs, can ask is not “good”. DVF lips iPhone case

Has media friends to talk immediately, did find some less recent fraud SMS. But the kylin system is currently used only in some major cities, two or three lines of urban promotion may also take some time.