They re 40 billion dollars HP Enterprise follow Dell privatization

They're 40 billion dollars! HP Enterprise follow Dell privatization?

HP Enterprise was split after the new logo

According to The Information citing sources reported that KKR, and Apollo Global Management and Carlyle Group of the three companies are considering the full privatization of HP Enterprise and HP Enterprise sale price is likely to exceed 40 billion dollars.

Reuters later reported that the private-equity firm is considering buying HP enterprise plan split, some 6 billion to 8 billion dollars ‘ worth of software assets, doesn’t completely buy. Valentino iPhone 6 plus cases

Poor global market intelligence (S&P Global Market Intelligence) assets analyst anjieluo·qinuo (Angelo Zino) said, “we believe that from HP to spin off, and after plans to spin off or sell its enterprise services business, HP enterprise privatization and more rational. In addition we see strong free cash flow and lower valuation has become an important attraction. ”

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However, HP Enterprise declined to comment on the news, KKR, Apollo and Carlyle have yet to comment.

HP original HP spun off a company enterprise is (another is mainly HP printer and PC), which is the world’s largest maker of servers and storage systems, not long ago, the company had also announced plans to spin off its business services unit, and merged with the Computer Sciences.

Because cloud computing companies such as Amazon, Microsoft has been the business users of all ages, HP enterprise business was badly hit.

Although according to the market research firm Canalys, global cloud computing infrastructure spending in the second quarter of this year grew by 52.3%. But because the construction of Server Enterprise by selecting less and less, they are more inclined to use Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft Azure and cloud computing service providers such as Google Cloud Platform services. In addition, because of HP’s enterprise servers more expensive, Amazon and Microsoft cloud service providers are almost always selected from the Asian manufacturers to buy cheap server. Valentino iPhone plus case