High end Hao Xuan Sony HMZ T3W 898

High-end Hao Xuan: Sony HMZ-T3W 8

Today recommend a high-end Hao cool thing, head-mounted 3D display of Sony’s exclusive launch of third-generation HMZ-T3/T3W. Compared to the previous two generations of products, in technology has matured a lot, using a newly developed optical system and custom LSI, two 0.7-inch 720P OLED screen can screen 750 feeling.

High-end Hao Xuan: Sony HMZ-T3W 8

Head-mounted display HMZ-T3 look pretty cool and have the sense of science and technology, but because of the relationship between weight, so wearing for a long time, there is a pressure to the head. HMZ-T3 increases the headphone system, also choose a wireless version, 3 HDMI interface can switch from different sources. Marcelo Burlon iPhone 6+

Marcelo Burlon iPhone 6+ case

Sony HMZ-T3W United States Amazon angry’s price by $ 100, now a record low price of $ 898, about 5500 Yuan or so, taking into account the volume and weight tax, lucky hand price 6000 Yuan, Cup point price is 6500 Yuan, compared with domestic close to 8000 Yuan price, however, and Hao. Marcelo Burlon iPhone 6+ case

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