Not as good as expected Samsung S7 edge S6 cross edge iPhone 6s camera review

Not as good as expected, Samsung S7 edge/S6 cross edge/iPhone 6s camera review

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge has just been released in the country. As the new emperor An Zhuoji, it photographed natural concern. +F1.7 Aperture 1.4 μ m per pixel size, number of pixels is reduced to 12 million. All questions can be condensed into two points: the critical eye has decreased during the day? Low light imaging has been strong to a what kind of measure?

Just want to see the conclusion directly onto the final summary would be nice, very simple and clear … …

This test uses Galaxy S7 retail edge line (SM-G9350), Galaxy S6 edge system brushes in Hong Kong (SM-G9250, version ZCU2COLB, Android 5.1.1), for informational purposes only.

Because daily S6 edge iPhone and 6s, so they compared, and a true flagship after showdown.

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Not as good as expected, Samsung S7 edge/S6 cross edge/iPhone 6s camera review

Several Sony sensor pixel size compared to mainstream (Wikipedia screenshot)

Samsung spent two years in the IMX240, the S7/S7 edge to start carrying the Sony IMX260 sensor (S5 through Note5, ISOCELL and IMX240 mix). IMX260 to 12 million pixels, 1/2.5 inch, size 1.4 μ m per pixel, the F1.7 aperture the lens support optical image stabilization.

Although the total pixels from 16 million to 12 million, per pixel surge coupled with the large F1.7 aperture, people can not help but look forward to it’s low light performance (for comparison, iPhone 6 Plus 1.5 μ with optical image stabilization m,Nexus 5X/6P Sony IMX377 for 1.55 μ m, but no optical image stabilization).

Photo experience

Camera interface: you can still automatically identify HDR or landscape, users press the button would be nice. The app and in the function and appearance of Note5, S6 is not very different from here would not go into details.

Focusing: focusing the IMX260 equipped with a dual-system (Dual Pixel, order in the most famous case was the Canon SLR 70D), all pixels can be used for focusing, can be loosely thought of as violent phase of enhanced focus. Focusing performance can only be used for actual days of a second of the machines to describe it.

Whether it is day or ultra weak light you can extremely quickly, and this focus soon iPhone 6s, feels slow clap in front of it. Its extremely low light (Club level of weak light) speed, even more so than many thousands without phase focusing faster focusing speed during the day … … Basically, the goal-oriented moments will be able to press the shutter, manual focus again this kind of thing, has no meaning to S7 edge.

Imaging speed and previous generations, and there is no obvious distinction, triggered after the night mode speed slightly slower even than S6 edge. Because pixel reduction of the sample sizes in the past generation of 5-6Mb/into 3-4Mb/, for user storage space is tight, this should be good news. Sample small + mycophenolate mofetil 820 ISP upgrades of change, imaging speed should be fast, this is probably Samsung changed the algorithm or not tuned well.

Wide angle lens quality

Not as good as expected, Samsung S7 edge/S6 cross edge/iPhone 6s camera review

Set EXIF information compared

IPhone equivalent focal length of 6s 29mm,S6 edge 28mm, S7 edge Samsung wide angle will be extended even to the 27mm equivalent focal length. Smaller focal length, wide angle, the greater, the effect is that S7 edge get the scope larger than the other two machines,.

Not as good as expected, Samsung S7 edge/S6 cross edge/iPhone 6s camera review

Three longitudinal wide angle comparison

Not as good as expected, Samsung S7 edge/S6 cross edge/iPhone 6s camera review

Deterioration of the upper-left edge contrast

Edge imaging, S7 edge F1.7 mega aperture, outside of wide-angle distortion change significantly, however, deterioration of the edges slightly, deterioration of control between iPhone 6s and S6 edge without optical image stabilization, a satisfactory performance.

Not as good as expected, Samsung S7 edge/S6 cross edge/iPhone 6s camera review

Glare control comparison

IPhone 6s perform better, the difference between S7 and S6 edge edge.

Metering and white balance

Not as good as expected, Samsung S7 edge/S6 cross edge/iPhone 6s camera review

Daylight scene 1

Not as good as expected, Samsung S7 edge/S6 cross edge/iPhone 6s camera review

Daylight scene 2

Not as good as expected, Samsung S7 edge/S6 cross edge/iPhone 6s camera review

Daylight scene 3

Not as good as expected, Samsung S7 edge/S6 cross edge/iPhone 6s camera review

Lighting scene 4

Light scene 5

Lighting scene 6

Lighting scene 7

Lighting scene 8

Lighting scene 9

Lighting scene 10

Lighting scene 11

Lighting scene 12

Low light and ultra low light scene 13

Low light and ultra low light scene 14

Low light and ultra low light scene 15

Low light and ultra low light scene 16

Low light and ultra low light scene 17

Low light and ultra low light scene 18

Light meter: iPhone 6s metering slightly darker, low light is the apparent brightness less than S6 S7 edge and edge and under normal light metering are very close during the day, with the naked eye can see closer, S7 edge night mode is triggered in ultra low light scenes will have a very clear light;

White balance: iPhone 6s in most scenes have a tendency to blue, S6 edge is warm in some of S7 edge is bluish, which is not very big, but when people take food and S6 edge hair color will be more flattering.

Saturation contrast: S6 edge is a restored reality style, picture contrast and saturation are looked seen transfer, iPhone a little showy, and S7 edge is the color tuning the most beautiful of the three.

Analysis of the day

For a cell phone, number of pixels are fixed, wide angle the greater number of pixels the same scene would fall, thereby affecting the critical eye. Can predict is that if the same conditions, wide angle biggest S7 edge, its critical eye than S6 edge, even iPhone 6s low.

All proofs below the focus is right in the Middle, are central to enlarge. All proofs in accordance with ISO and shutter, light flow from strong to weak:

Daylight scene 1

Daylight scene 2

Daylight scene 2

Daylight scene 3

Daylight scene 4

Daylight scene 5

Daylight scene 5 on the Central

5 Central daylight scenes on the right

Indoor scene 6

Lighting scene 7

Lighting scene 8

Indoor scene 9

Indoor scene 10

Indoor scene 11

Lighting scene 12 (S7 edge sharpen even the font edges, white edges)

Lighting scene 13

Lighting scene 14

Lighting scene 15 DKNY iPhone 6 Plus Case

Lighting scene 16

Low light scene 17

Low light scene 18

Low light scene 19

Low light scene 19 central then zoom

Low light scene 20

Very low light scene 21

Very low light scene 22

Very low light scene 23

Very low light scene 24

Very low light scene 25

Very low light scene 26

Very low light scene 27

Very low light scene 27 Central then zoom

Analysis of sunlight: perhaps it was in response to the critical eye drop caused by wide-angle S7 increases edge sharpening RADIUS and intensity, sharpening is obvious (even the font edges appear white in the scene 12), direct edge is clear, high contrast, but still cannot completely hide the unit features the problem of insufficient number of pixels. Sharpness is only iPhone and 6s have their own victory, fewer details than S6 edge, and critical eye Note5 is all the more pressure to the top of the Grand. In addition, when zoomed in scene to the same size, S7 edge magnification is always larger than the others, the picture noise is the most obvious.

Analysis of lighting: Interior and strong light, contrast iPhone 6s and S6 S7 edge edge is still vulnerable, but the turning point probably appears in scene 13 (this scene light intensity similar to the exhibits illuminate the lights in the Museum, is a lot weaker than normal light). Under this scenario, S7 edge only 160 of the ISO, while the other two machines in the 200. Further down the low light scene, their shutters/ISO gap is more evident, S7 edge also dominated, and the weaker the greater.

Low light and extreme low light: here is the S7 edge area of the absolute, especially under extremely low light night mode was fired, although the picture to mention they shine like night vision and noise, but do see a lot of other mobile phones and even the naked eye cannot see the details. For pubbing, or many of the night scenes, shoot than shoot much more important as the naked eye can see, the author of the Samsung is also supportive of this algorithm.

PS: “low light” itself is not clearly defined, we use iPhone 6s ISO and shutter measure, more than 2000 ISO, shutter speed is lower than 1/17s, this is the weak level of photographic 6s, further down the screen brightness cannot be guaranteed. Bar corner and insufficient/streetlights Street is probably the intensity of the light.


Samsung Galaxy S7 edge pictures, summarizing it’s easy: day than the previous generation, extremely low light performance rage.

DKNY iPhone 6 plus cases

Photo experience dripping, piece rate is high, metering and white balance accuracy, but also less stable and please the eye;

Wide angle, image sharpness, contrast, saturation, are high. Critical eye and strong lights during the day, and even win iPhone 6s (the latter day performances and iPhone 6s Plus close), and their Android flagship has a gap in his family;

When under low light in order to save face, low light and low light scenes unprecedented ferocity, much faster than S6 edge.

On the whole, despite overall progress outside the focus of S7 edge is in the daytime “swap” low light performance, but the latter is far better than the former widely used. So, the bad news is: the users who perhaps Note5 the strongest most balanced flagship machine is still taking pictures. And they direct comparison would be completed in the near future, so stay tuned.


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