Low price PNY StorEDGE 128GB 76 99

Low price: PNY StorEDGE 128GB. 99

PNY StorEDGE is PNY launched a store expansion card, which is short of the SD card. Mainly involved in order to expand the MacBook beggar’s version of storage space, due to its relatively short profiles, so after inserting basic stealth, will not affect the appearance. In contrast, buy PNY StorEDGE expansion, ease of use and price/performance is pretty good. GUCCI iPad Cases

PNY StorEDGE 128G historical low price $ 76.99, recommended $ 3 cheaper than last time, about 4865 Yuan. Taobao with 460 and 1200 respectively, clear price advantage, which no country rhythms.

GUCCI iPad Cases

Note that Retina 13 and 2013 Rentina 15 inch seems to be able the perfect stealth.

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Low price: PNY StorEDGE 128GB. 99
Low price: PNY StorEDGE 128GB. 99
Microsoft Surface Pro 3

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Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Main light Office Sufi series third-generation products to market, is still a familiar shape, compared to the previous generation, reduce body thickness from 10.6mm to 9.1mm, whole body slim. Design, improved Type keyboard Cover, upgraded frame, larger screens, and refers to a traditional laptop.
While the weight is only 800g, over the previous weight has been greatly improved, and Microsoft has been emphasizing lighter than MBA. Well if you want to buy, we must first consider whether to accept a resolution of 2160×1440 pixels, for 3:2 12-inch screen. GUCCI iPad Cases

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