Apple dual LCD technology is expected to bring high contrast real HDR images

United States Patent and Trademark Office today announced Apple new patent applications, detailing the high dynamic range (HDR) dual LCD technology can be used to reduce the distortion of the picture, in theory, the contrast of the display can be up to 1 million:1. The patent application is the name of the double high dynamic range display device and image segmentation, in which Apple touted double-decker LCD optical benefits system, in particular the ability to reproduce high contrast images.

Apple dual LCD technology is expected to bring high-contrast, real HDR images

Normal LCD Brightness often increased backlight illumination can be used to improve overall contrast because the leak is not usually affected. Apple said by stacking two grayscale LCD, and a color LCD Panel backlight arrived before the user’s eyes to go through the double LCD modulation, resulting in higher contrast. However, multiple LCD has a basic structure, because at some point, Parallax caused by gaps between the panels, which could result in lower image quality.

Apple dual LCD technology is expected to bring high-contrast, real HDR images

To that end, Apple took out special images division algorithm. The algorithm analyzes the image and breaks it into the front LCD and rear LCD panel displays two separate images. Based on the image content, hardware limitations and other considerations, the algorithm of fuzzy transfer images to grayscale LCD display on the back and reduce the size, using the function layout constraint optimization methods as defined by the target, Apple, this algorithm system to prevent Parallax error without affecting the brightness or sharpness. The algorithm can also prevent clipping artifacts and light Bloom or glow appears on the front panel. Apple said that this technique can be used on small and large screens, from iPhone to Mac product coverage. Victorias Secret Case for iPhone 5

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It is not clear whether Apple plans to release the actual product of this invention.

Source: cnbeta,AppleInsider

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