Recent price LINKSYS EA4500 59 95

Recent price: LINKSYS EA4500.95

LINKSYS EA4500 belongs to the flagship models of LINKSYS products. Configuration aspects are the Marvell 1.2GHz, 128MB RAM and ROM, equal to the force. Dual-band 450Mbps theoretical transfer rate 900Mbps, 3X3 MIMO antennas. There are 4 LAN ports, a u, in addition to not brush third party firmware, perfect enough.

LINKSYS EA4500 refurbished version of the recent low price of $ 59.95, about 370 Yuan, at 540 Yuan. With around 700 Yuan in China, the price advantage is quite obvious.

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Recent price: LINKSYS EA4500.95
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New atom performance ARM processors have and top closer, but are worse and the mainstream core of the series by a mile, but taking into account the thermal power of 14W and 2W gap, which is understandable. Use it for routine minor Office enough and finally surface series can also run X86 program! Said performance flaw, is that it does not use the SSD, and broken eggs eMMC 4.5, which even with the eMMc 5.0 modern Android flagship.

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