PayPal response Children s Day baby event

On June 3, June 1, many users open the paid baojun found himself behind the nicknames are automatically added, “baby”, drew some ridicule.

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Alipay to Beijing news reporters yesterday, and the planning intention and user interaction, on the day the children’s day to cheer big friends. But some experts believe that PayPal was arrested for breach of contract and tort.

“Baby” suffix and won’t come out

On the morning of June 1 children’s day Alipay users found that his nickname is being coupled with “baby” Word.

Then PayPal recognizes that the day before the children’s day, the team came up with “big friend” holiday ideas, all PayPal users nickname is set, on children’s day, their nickname will automatically add a “baby” suffix.

Subsequently, many users want to remove the baby nickname suffix, but PayPal pop-up prompts: “between 6.1 to 6.5, as part of the server upgrades, avatar/nickname cannot be modified for the time being, please forgive me.”

Alipay official explained that the plan intended to children’s day brings joy to friends, when the plan was Children’s Day the same day, users nickname comes with baby suffix, happened to catch the server upgrade, resulting in head nickname cannot be modified and brought inconvenience to the user.

At about 6 o’clock in the afternoon the same day, Alipay, nicknamed “baby” suffix before it disappeared. PayPal staff later confirmed that suffix was removed in the background.

PayPal: focus on user experience

Alipay this behavior, netizens presented diametrically opposed both. Netizens expressed opposition, saying the move involving violations of privacy, “kidnapped” users. But there is one think PayPal it innovative. Starbucks iPhone 5 Case

PayPal said in an interview with the Beijing News public relations staff, adding “the baby” is not the Word change the nickname or screen name for you, but only as a suffix of the name, PayPal would like to take this interaction with the user. And the number of clients that can accept.

The staff member said, after this kind of personalized interaction would have, but it may be technically better, will also pay more attention to the user experience.

Unified user nickname and “baby” it appropriate?

Lawyers said PayPal was arrested for violation of user personality rights and breach

US law firm Director Chang began to counsel, names and nicknames are usually Internet users decide, provided that they meet the legal requirements and network rules, should be protected. Network user network agreement with Alipay in the right if there is no agreement to modify a user nickname, PayPal’s alleged violation of personality rights of individual users.

Name and nickname were seeking legal protection, illegal modifications, Chang began to think, can refer to the applicable laws on the protection of the name, that is, in a certain range to protect Internet rights, concerned over the incident, PayPal users on the nicknames should be within the scope of protected rights, not been modified by others without authorization.

Qiu Baochang, head of the China consumers ‘ Association legal team said that in accordance with PayPal’s user agreement, the nickname should belong to the account information, modify the nickname should be accessible only by the user himself or the other explicitly authorized by the user to operate. PayPal suspected breach of conduct.

Qiu Baochang lawyer while think, although paid treasure of behavior suspected default, but whether for litigation to see this behavior will caused what corresponding of legal consequences, like with change of name engaged in illegal or crime of things, so certainly is to for litigation activist, held corresponding of responsibility, but if no caused any legal consequences, user can according to both had of agreement, requirements paid treasure put himself of network name recovery undisturbed and requirements a treasure shall not again unauthorized change himself of name. Starbucks iPhone 5 Case

Via Beijing News/NetEase

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