AMD said this year there is at least one new game for sale

  Around the PS4.5 players are a little tired. Lots of rumours, a lot of guessing, so people are not able to distinguish between true and false. It is only anecdotal, leaked is unknown “sources”. Unexpectedly, AMD officials to play a hand. Kenzo iPhone cover

AMD said: this year there is at least one new game for sale

  AMD’s CEO Lisa Su recently said publicly that this year there will be at least one new game console launch. If those people hadn’t message is not too convincing, AMD senior let people to thinking.

  Lisa Su made such a judgment, because she said, AMD has been host of the three semi custom hardware manufacturer has adopted. Lisa Su emphasized that these hardware and now we know that the host–PS4, Xbox and Wii U–One does not like. Because the hardware volume production will begin in the second half of this year, so she thought there was at least a new host will put on sale later this year.

  However, Lisa Su refused to reveal the details associated with these new host, so we cannot judge what they are. Lisa Su said that when consumers are ready to open.

  The AMD Executive in fact is very interesting, semi-custom devices because companies had as many as three, and now hosts or irrelevant. PS4.5 is the latest hot topic, Nintendo NX will be available at certain things. Even Microsoft, now playing with the idea of upgrading the Xbox One hardware. Does that mean that these three semi-custom devices happen to be Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo?

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  Consider the possibility, said that if any new hosts come out this year, it would have to be Nintendo NX. NX is because Nintendo has determined that its host, and messages have pointed out that it is sure to be on sale this year. Wii u so bleak, Nintendo can’t afford to drag this year would have seen.

  What about PS4.5? We currently have only intelligence from foreign media, and Sony itself ambiguous attitude. Cooperation relationship has been considering AMD and Sony PS4 hardware is provided by it, the possibility does exist. If PS4.5 does not exist, Sony has not come forward to clarify the time PS4 is bound to affect sales.

  The new Xbox is one of the most confusing. Microsoft has said publicly if Xbox One improves performance, it will choose the reinforced parts of the external function. If AMD is for Microsoft to create functions enhance the box, the Xbox and this One cannot be said to be irrelevant. If three semi-custom devices, and Microsoft has nothing, so the rest of the film is who is going to?

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