Pencil with a clip you can hang on the shirt pocket

Pencil with a clip, you can hang on the shirt pocket

Each designer may need a pencil, then eat this guy, how can you not to ponder it? This time, Chinese designer Li Ting (who, in the language of Li Ting), who bring their ideas, this is the pencil with a clip (Elegant Pencil):

Ideas are simple, equivalent at the end of a pencil to open a crack, forming a clips-like structure, just to hang in the pocket or on the cover of the notebook.

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Designers say their main effort there, the length of the clip 1/5 construction will probably take up a pencil, because when pencils until the last point, because I hold this pencil is usually thrown away–but the pencil last 1/5 there is no pencil, how much was saved. The other is, because adding such a structure at the end of the pencil, although it is circular, but will not scroll, more stable when placed on a table. iPhone 6 leather

Perhaps because of these reasons, this elegant and useful pencils, won the judges sure is in 2015, the red dot design award (Reddot Award) award-winning works. leather iPhone 6


Designers: Li Ting (who, in the language of Li Ting), Lu Shengli (transliteration, the original Lu Shengli), Li (who, in the language of Li Zhiqiang)