VR treadmill Virtuix Omni experience the ideal is rich while reality is poor

In theory, the Omni-directional treadmill is the best for playing a virtual reality game equipment. But if that is the case, please? On the CES, foreign media gizmag experience a virtual reality Virtual Omni treadmill. Best VR box

Best VR box

Virtuix Omni, this device is not a new product, it raised on the Kickstarter success for 2.5 years, but the treadmill was not completed until now, this year is expected to be sent to the consumer. While virtual reality equipment hottie, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive also will be completed in the next few months to ship.

HTC and the common first-person action game developed by Valve, is to keep you in a 15 square feet (1.4 square meters) site, you can choose to play at home. In this regard, Oculus moves one step further than the former, it can let you walk in the room. Of course, these solutions are limited by physical space. If you want to play big games, in reality, you’ll take a wide space that matches with it. (Imagine, when the enemies surrounding you, you want to run away but ran into a solid wall)

Therefore, a treadmill can move in any direction gives us wanton run hope, but also smaller footprint. But in theory is good.

VR treadmill Virtuix Omni experience: the ideal is rich while reality is poor

According to the game’s Demo, the good will there is only in theory.

Experience, the most accurate statement is, imagine that you walk on the Moon, but only the size of a plate at the foot, wearing Bowling shoes. The company says allows you to smoothly run free, but unfortunately, users can’t experience it. Very simple, it gives the feeling was nothing like the reality of running, don’t even like running on a treadmill.

Maybe because in the shoe sensor at the bottom because of your mobile can be said to be in the slide above. Ahead is a little natural, then when your foot slide is very weird. According to media experience, and soon started, but did not feel natural from the beginning to the end.

VR treadmill Virtuix Omni experience: the ideal is rich while reality is poor

This is bad news, after all Virtuix Omni as a ground-breaking props, treadmill solved with 360 degree virtual reality game problems is a good idea. You can move in any direction, and negligible delay time, perfect protective gear can fully protect you from falling from above. VR box goggles

On the computer, Omni will be recognized as a joystick, such benefits are clear, game makers without dedicated adapter, as long as it is for the Oculus and the Vive design game, you can run perfectly.

VR treadmill Virtuix Omni experience: the ideal is rich while reality is poor

Unfortunately, no natural mobile experience for consumers is a challenge. Technology adapt to humans, so can only be used by humans to adapt to technology, however, has never worked in history tells us to do.

VR treadmill Virtuix Omni experience: the ideal is rich while reality is poor

Putting these issues on, get in front of consumers with its $ 699 price and sheer volume. This is a very niche market, is unlikely to support them to launch its next-generation products. Of course, do not rule out Omni successfully make it to the next generation and greatly improved, but for the moment, Vive, and Oculus Touch experience better.

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