Not custom shop guide In Japan this sleep is also a great place

 In addition to tours, this is a good place to sleep

Love unusual today to Amway’s Bookstore is to stay–BOOK&BED.

BOOK&BED in Japan Tokyo, not only by book collectors praised, it is said that in Japan, if their young not to feel, like Beijing did not go to the great wall to Tiananmen Square.

However, BOOK&BED are different from General tours, tours for many chat, but also through the vast sea of sleep of your sexual encounters. In contrast, BOOK&BED clean, and as its name implies, book more important than sleep, so here, rather than talk, it’s as quiet as a chicken in order to meet the quality.

Popular accommodation on the market and the Bookstore is not the same, BOOK&BED truly “slept with books”.

Accommodation in popular Bookstore on the market, and also maintained a sense of space between the bed and the books.


Wuhanwenzeer a private library

Like this


Nanjing City International Youth library

Paul Frank iPhone plus case

Or this, after all, seemed to be a study.

BOOK&BED-bed hiding in the bookcase, creating a very intimate space, but the space is small, want and neighbours what happened is more difficult. Paul Frank iPhone plus case


Of course, the wine must have. Paul Frank


A book, a glass of wine, just enough to create a perfect rest.





Low price: Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p 9.99

Lenovo y series is the price/performance models in the performance of any goods, the Y510p new configuration exaggerate a little. Use the I7 4700MQ, 8G memory and 1080P 1T hard drive, 15.6-inch screen, video card is NVIDIA GT750M SLI, or dual graphics cards crossfire, duly completed. Hello Kitty Note 3 Case

Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p current historically low price $979.99, about 6000 Yuan, and China in the same shape with the i5 and 750m have had to 5900, even including shipping and tax, estimated at around 6700 can win just two 750m have earned back.

Purchase address Hello Kitty Samsung Note 3 case

Hello Kitty Samsung Note 3 case


PS4 players: when playing the game, the DualShock4 handles suddenly blow up

Recently, Reddit Forum users posted their DualShock4 handle fever during the game process is serious, that handles directly burnt on the spot. Other users in the Forum said it is likely to be DualShock4 handle battery quality problems. iPhone 6 plus case Givenchy

Givenchy iPhone 6 Plus

PS4 players: when playing the game, the DualShock4 handles suddenly blow up

The player said, DualShock4 handles himself in play when PS4, feel the temperature handle slowly increased, and started to smoke, and players to pull down the handle immediately, and he Meng said he was forced out. Not denied this may will is individual phenomenon, but as a professional of game handles this battery overheating of situation is a improper, and also directly hot to spontaneous combustion smoke does some exaggerated, on currently for, DualShock4 handles of spontaneous combustion accident also compared rare, but handles spontaneous combustion is a stage of process, it of temperature is gradient increased, if everyone in using DualShock4 handles of when found temperature overheating of situation, please everyone to life security for priority, The handle stops running immediately! Givenchy iPhone 6 Plus

Today to introduce to all of you is the wave of the World Cup mat

Today to introduce to all of you, is the wave of the World Cup mat

You guess why I chose such a wave?

Because this mat and tray, my eyes only see the shuttle the raft in Guilin, playing on the swing in the river ~

iPhone 5 Ted Baker case


Hyfen ideas from designers.

Corrugated cardboard is a very beautiful material,

Those plump curve and give it water movement … …


Designers must have been made waves and waves of this curve,


He uses clay reproduces the structure, and to make coasters, small plates and chopsticks, iPhone 5 Ted Baker case

Color also has a variety of optional, smoke grey, cappuccino-colored with white sand.


In fact, this wave corrugated shapes, in addition to the beautiful and functional considerations.

Such as coasters, corrugated surface not only fixed the table, also can catch the overflow table of food or liquid,

Not directly along the flow down like a flat mat. Ted Baker iPhone case

Small plates, like a small raft,

Best put on those colorful little food

Waves of structure on the chopstick holder, is perfect to prevent them from scrolling.



Artist took pictures of oil droplets in the water only to find that they have

Artist took pictures of oil droplets in the water, only to find that they have become ... ... Eye

So photography really is a very scary thing, before you press the shutter, you never know what will appear on the film … …

=========== hello kitty iPhone cases

New ideas from the artist Fabian Oefner,

Man pouring water into a container of black, and then drip into the small oil droplets, and then took these amazing photos … …

In the photo, oil keeps spread lens showed explosive-like complex in color,

They really look like eyes, isn’t it?


Artist says:

“I love this series, it’s so simple, yet so beautiful. The rainy day I sat outside the Studio, watching the slowly changing residual traces of gasoline in small puddles, the idea is taking shape in my mind. I returned to the Studio, trying to repeat the process in a more controlled environment. After numerous attempts, I got the 10 photos. ”

iPhone 5 cases hello kitty

[via] iPhone 5 cases hello kitty


Nokia watch prototype exposure! Unfortunately have had an abortion

Yesterday night, the domestic Baidu Netizen a set Nokia engineering prototype picture of the watch, according to the friends on the, this is Nokia has abortion watches products.

Vans iPhone case

Nokia watch prototype exposure! Unfortunately have had an abortion
Nokia watch prototype exposure! Unfortunately have had an abortion
Nokia watch prototype exposure! Unfortunately have had an abortion
Nokia watch prototype exposure! Unfortunately have had an abortion
Nokia watch prototype exposure! Unfortunately have had an abortion

The Nokia watch square face design, put out under the screen to display the time, watch the boot after you can see the text messages, phone calls, Facebook messages, the overall style of Windows Phone, dial behind the contacts are used to connect the charger, charging point contact is somewhat similar to that on the Surface Pro 4. Vans iPhone5

But the project has been abortion, while Nokia has stopped making its own phone, but we still hope to see the Logo in the market for “NOKIA” intelligent products, after all, it represents an era. Vans iPhone case


Bounce + increases Microsoft's largest touch-screen Tablet Surface Hub for new extension

Earlier this year, Microsoft released the largest-ever touch-screen Tablet Surface Hub, primarily for enterprise collaboration market. The 55/84-inch models, the former +1080P screen equipped with core i5 processor, priced at $ 6999; the latter pick up i7+4K screen duo, sells for $ 19999 (that it was).

Bounce + increases Microsoft's largest touch-screen Tablet Surface Hub for new extension

The machine regardless of appearance and price are very Sci-Fi, but it also suffered a crazy bounce and win10 mobile cups. Surface Hub’s original target date was July 1, but did not give a specific timetable, in August, when Microsoft says due to huge market demand, shipment will be delayed until January 1, 2016.

  Juicy Couture uk

Juicy Couture uk

Bounce + increases Microsoft's largest touch-screen Tablet Surface Hub for new extension

Today Microsoft announced the extension, machine delivery will be postponed to the first quarter, and new order price us $ 2000, final price of 55-inch version for $ 8999, 84-inch version for $ 21999 (note, dollars, equivalent to 140,000). More impressive is that Microsoft Surface Hub provides a unique collaborative experience, the price is reasonable in an enterprise and the market price … …

Soft black: I did not expect foreign giant monkey skills, can so quickly catch up with domestic manufacturers.

Soft powder: maybe just happen to run into someone else’s Christmas holiday? Juicy Couture iPhone 5 cases



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Mr MASKEY said to make a roof for your House builders jobs also Rob

Mr MASKEY said to make a roof for your House, builders jobs also Rob?

As expected, Yilong·masike made it clear that SolarCity to do “solar roofs”.

United States Pacific time on August 10, in SolarCity on the earnings call of the season, Mr MASKEY said SolarCity will launch two new products by the end of this year, one is to integrate photovoltaic technology in the development of “roof.” Mr MASKEY said, due to the beauty and security, some owners do not want to set up on the roof of solar equipment, which can solve this problem.

X-DORIA iWatch cover

Mr MASKEY said: “this is a solar roof, not install solar modules on the roof. ”

While CEO of SolarCity lindeng·ruifu (Lyndon Rive), which will open up a whole new market for the company. iWatch Case

Musk’s product plan released earlier last month by the second piece of Tesla blueprint (Master Plan, Part Deux) has revealed that SolarCity will be mentioned in the article to establish a “a smooth integration of solar roof products, beautiful”.

According to the MIT Technology review reports, a Sn ø Hetta company architect Aaron Dorf has said that in the near future, installation cost and battery efficiency will not be much of a problem, “and musk are very clever to point to the beginning of a perhaps more important – beauty. ”

Moreover, the solar panels together with the building itself is a current trend in the industry. For example, a company called Sistine Solar next year is expected to launch a “solar skins” boards, photovoltaic cells are mixed into the tile and the wall, so as to be consistent with the overall style of the roof. X-DORIA iWatch cover

In addition, the durability is solar roofs to be considered a major problem. Malay Mazumdar, Professor at Boston University, traditional building roof life expectancy was 50, but now the solar panels you will need replacement once every 25 years. “If you’re going to the roof and the panels together, you need to ask yourself, 25 years later, do you want to replace the roof again? “Mazumdar said. If Tesla wanted to design stunning and smooth integration of solar roof, then they should be considered to enhance the durability of their products, at least, is easy to replace.

Via Electrek

Samsung free of charge for visitors to Korea Note5

Samsung: free of charge for visitors to Korea Note5

Samsung to promote their phone is desperately and, more recently, news that Samsung and Korea SK Telecom and Korea Tourism Development Council, visitors to South Korea Samsung Galaxy free demo Note5. The event will start from the end of February this year, selected visitors free game Galaxy Note5 phone for up to 5 days, there is free flow 1G is available. Samsung and SK Telecom plans to 250 visitors to South Korea every week providing the benefits, estimates there are more than 12,000 visitors a year could benefit from the activities.

It is understood that this activity is part of a large project, the purpose of which is to promote Korea’s top mobile communications technology, but visitors can also take this understanding more about Samsung’s flag-ship, which would allow some Apple fans revolt?

Hello Kitty Galaxy case

Samsung: free of charge for visitors to Korea Note5

Tips Hello Kitty Galaxy case

Samsung: free of charge for visitors to Korea Note5
Samsung: free of charge for visitors to Korea Note5

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Startups can also play ecology Magic dimension games video and VR Head store

Many VR in startups, unreal dimension it’s hard not to cause attention, recalling their action in 2016 the past few months, you may be like me asked, “what kind of company is this? ”

In March, the magic dimension with new front EPPs signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, the latter began to enter the VR/AR game industry;

In April, invest in a VR game made up of members in China, Britain and the United States–PHONOM GAMES development company; investment Beijing vision network technology limited (Phantom VR), the company has created VR shooting game of the VR field, and focus on creating online VR experience;

In May, the investment is located in the heart of Wonderland information technology company;

In June, and the magic fish-strange dream reached a cooperation, signed a business cooperation agreement on the VR system; Moschino Galaxy S5

In July, wild strawberries film; and Korea e-News Corp has signed for virtual reality projects between China and Korea in development cooperation agreements;


However, the magic dimension for these might only be a small part of the plan. The company was established in 2015, whether mobile VR, VR, is covering the games, film and television content, or even offline VR experience solutions, they are involved, or get involved in upstream and downstream companies, participate in investments.

Moschino Galaxy S5

So, in a three-story independence building seen when CEO Liu Rui, I immediately said, “as a start-up company, in the case of not financing, why is it so powerful? “Liu Rui said with a smile, almost everyone interviewed asked the question,” we didn’t leave angel round of financing, funds financed by the partners. Financing is not in a hurry, then there are plans to develop their own funds, which require large amounts of capital. ”

What does the company want to do?

Startups can also play ecology? Magic dimension, games, video and VR Head store

Door equipment

Once in the Tencent interactive entertainment and mobile Internet business group, Liu Rui, very early into the game industry, 08 from Tencent, has his own business since, from the end of tour, tour to swim on the page, the game industry enough to understand. Out of business, she did not immediately join the VR until 2014, Oculus Facebook with 2 billion investment company, it clearly gives entrepreneurs, including her confidence was studied for about half a year after the market, the end of 2015, she chose to return to VR.

Though Liu Rui with gaming market, but the core is not a VR game, this is because the “VR industry chain of this emerging industry are not perfect, and raw materials is relatively weak on platforms and pave the way for the whole industry needs people, so we have chosen ecology. ”

In events large and small, or lecture Forum, the “eco-” the word often appears, for now, HTC with Vive full of experience, appears to be the only one “eco” company. Liu Rui but do not believe that

“HTC is a hardware company, lack of content. Before they had been using Steam, Taiwan now want to do this, but the content is not available, and they want to introduce many with our portfolio companies to talk about before. ”

Obviously, to do ecological, platform is essential. It is undeniable that Steam is the HTC Advantage occupy high ground, but HTC has had some limitations, launch seems to confirm Liu Rui views Viveport. But a platform more than HTC, VR hardware vendors, mirror, like a storm-Peng, released soon after on the line corresponding to the content platform, because “users after he bought the device to see what vendors have to do platform, money investment projects, buy some content. “On the other hand, the traditional content platform provider, such as aiqi Visual Arts, music, YouTube, has launched VR video platform.

“If a middle and a lower platform is sound and does not need to do this thing. But not a monopoly platform supports a full range of technology and services, we can only do it by yourself. And we all do hardware and ecological reasons, is based on industrial chain is immature, if as strong as our PC platforms like Steam, they will cooperate with us. ”

Liu Rui’s voice gently calm, reveal the firm.

VR games aside or not, “you can do the traditional video platform? They were already high popularity “, I asked.

“Traditional video site it’s hard to go to the VR video, their CND costs are very high, the conversion on the VR, CND 4-5 times the cost as a whole can hardly be profitable, mainly to test the waters. ”

Meanwhile Liu Rui explained the company’s technological advantage.

GoPro shoot VR video quality low level is not high, there are not up to the standard of virtual reality, none of global technical standards make this, including sound field simulation, VR film language. Specific techniques include extracting technology, can significantly reduce the cost of CND; filming technology, designed specifically for the VR shooting “m-systems” (it is understood that developed by wild strawberries film of their investment); made of 3D engines present scheduling technology, improve the efficiency of shooting, and reduce risk.

Why do offline experience?

Startups can also play ecology? Magic dimension, games, video and VR Head store

Customer experience four people online

As noted above, they are also involved in the online experience, which is the focus of this year’s business.

Offline experience, they offer two kinds of system solutions, VR Venga online entertainment platform, respectively, more than 200 square meters in size, the main high-end crowd, and VR Come smaller store, for a broader audience. This year, they focused on the line, hoping to precipitate out “brand products”, do it online, especially the PC-side content to play to a very high, and now there’s no product to reach this level. Moschino Galaxy Case

As we can see, the VR online store this year, expanding at a very fast speed, Beijing shopping malls everywhere can discover VR experience, turn to offline experience many VR team, hoping to occupy the market opportunity, it makes me question: Magic dimension also attracts the big cake?

Liu Rui, said such a heavy sight to experience, is “below the line is best for user education, users without eyeglasses case, the line is hard to do on education. “In my questioning, she confessed,

“Offline platform for businesses to use almost no money, profits to operators and content, because you want them to live, live well, make profits out. ”

“Magic dimension do you want to earn money? ”

“We want users, industry chain unsound case, shop to make way for the clubs first to be able to survive, he was able to profit in this, constantly upgrading products, equipment and opening bigger stores. Also, make a game can earn money, only the second game, we do not do this thing, good content is not very great benefit, would soon die. ”

However, “moving head on and offline hardware there is profit, like Magic VR products. ”

With so many businesses, Liu Rui said, “is the core business of the last platform, Peel open chain business modules, all operated by subsidiaries. “After the mobile download application MeWoo, I found mainly panoramic video, with some homemade play. It is understood that they are PC-side platform and online distribution platforms, and also on the PC side can access other PC as SteamVR.

On whether financing, she said “there are a lot of investors are talking about investing, there may be financed next year” in a tone of slightly happy, also with a little helpless, her “official products prior to the launch of the platform, do not rush into big money, money now fully able to support a team of 200. ”


Startups can also play ecology? Magic dimension, games, video and VR Head store

The Transcendent game pictures

End of the interview, Liu Rui hurried to receive VIP customers. Experience the rooms they installed four HTC Vive, four-person multiplayer of the Transcendent. In this game, players work in components for the blue team and red team, total handle in the game was designed to be a bow and arrow, the two teams by shooting up in the air, the Blue Crystal, or other props, score, while the other was hit by arrows will be killed, the last team finished with the highest score wins. Indeed, this game can make people feel “play” happy. Liu Rui said that recently held the game e-sports. Site can see that customer experience is good.

However, I still think that Liu Rui “platform”, bearing the ambition of the whole company, but very abstract, Liu Rui said, “that’s right, waiting for us to release specific product, you know, sell well now. “Her hope is that” all companies together to create good content to the user, not to earn this money, it would be six months, the market will be back, and now, with the United States make global share. ”